Condo gets go-ahead from City

Construction on the new Pallisades Apartment Building has been given the green light.

Fort St. John City Council approved a motion on Monday – after a public meeting was held – to give a Development Variance Permit to the building’s developers.

The permit allows for a shorter distance between the development and other properties. The construction distance has been changed on the south side from 10.5 to 6 metres and on the east side from 10.5 to 4.5 metres.

The extra space would be used to allow for both the underground and above ground parking lots.

A public meeting was held to discuss any problems affected residents may have had with the setback changes.

Councillors Lori Ackerman and Dan Davies had concerns about the height of the building and its shadowing effect on nearby buildings.

The President of the architectural firm designing the building, Roger Field, says that during the summer months there would be no effect, however during the winter, there would be a shadow that would affect at least one of the nearby townhomes.

Rick Walters, one of three owners of an adjacent vacant property, spoke against the proposed setback changes. Walters says he believes the developer should have been aware of the City setback regulations from the beginning and should abide by the regulations.

He adds that if he chose to build, he would be required to abide by the same types of regulations.

Both Field and the President of Pallisades Apartment, William Grantmyre, say they chose a six floor building for both aesthetic and economic reasons.

According to Grantmyre, having a sixth floor allows for the top floor residents to have a nice view and makes those suites easier to sell. Furthermore, having the extra apartments would ensure the building is actually profitable.

The condo-style apartments are expected to attract a mature, upper middle class clientele due to the prices of the suites.

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