Enerplex parking lot shows 'green' design

The heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding that occurred on July 29 affected many low-lying areas in the city, including parking lots.

However, new designs in parking lots have decreased the possibility of such flooding problems as what occurred at the Totem Mall.

The Enerplex parking lot is one that was designed in a more ‘green’ manner.

According to the Director of Engineering Services Horacio Galanti, the lot was designed with a Storm Detention System, with two catchment areas. During a rainfall, the water travels along the surface to various catchbasins positioned around the parking lot and into a system of underground pipes.

From the pipes, the water is stored in underground plastic chambers and subsequently released into the main storm system at a controlled rate.

Together, both catchment areas can hold up to 225 cubic metres of water at any one time and would take approximately 2-3 hours to empty.

The design of the system allows the area to act similarly to a grass surface.

Under the new Subdivision and Development Servicing Bylaw, this type of system has been mandatory in residential subdivisions and large commercial and institutional areas since June 2009.

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