38th Annual World's Invitational Class "A" Gold Panning Championships Results and Photos

The competitors from the World’s Invitational Class "A" Gold Panning Championships.


It was a great weekend at Peace Island Park as Taylor hosted the 38th Annual World’s Invitational Class “A” Gold Panning Championships. The Gold Panning Weekend held not only gold panning competitions, but many other activities like arts & crafts, metal detecting, bannock baking and even a parade on Saturday morning. The weekend was a huge success as many people, adults and kids alike, came out to Peace Island to watch and participate in the competitions.

The gold panning competitions held three classes: Class “A”, Class “B” and Class “C”. Each of these classes represent different skill levels with Class “A” being the most skilled. Competitors in each class needed to complete three rounds in an allotted time: fine (find 15 gold flakes), skill (find 5 flakes) and speed (find one gold nugget). In each class there are first, second and third overall prizes. These are the winners for the Gold Panning Championships starting from Juvenile to Class “A”:


Juvenile Open

            1st– Taylor Gejdos

            2nd– Barrett Williams

            3rd– Josh Armstrong



           1st- Laura Williams

           2nd- Amber Davy

           3rd- Helen Asselstine


Class “C” Juvenile                           

1st– Kaydence Lachapelle

2nd– Halley Brekkas

3rd– Max Hafner


Class “C” Adults

1st– Dan Bonell

2nd– Kelly Hunter

3rd– Edna Middlestead


Class “B” Adults

1st– Chris Totusek                                

2nd– Kimberly Mckillop

3rd– Alicia Scott


Class “A”

1st– Scott Rae

2nd– Chris Totusek

3rd– Barry Scott


Below are photos from the competitions and activities at the Gold Panning Weekend.


          Scott Rae- Winner of the Class "A" Competition.


                                                                                                      Photo By Jessica Murphy












Photos By Amber Davy





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