Stephen Ferris wins Baldonnel race


Stephen Ferris put in a very fast Baldonnel time of 22:55 minutes on a very windy night. There was a three way tie for second, which is extremely rare. Les Elliott, Pat Ferris and Bob Andrews all had a time of 36:49. George Gamble was only one second back in third at 26:50. Sandy McDonald was 4th at 27:08 and Gord Harris 5th at 29:14.

Thanks to Melanie Chapple for timing!

Other times were Ken Nix at 6th with 29:35, Owen Giebelhaus 30:03, Ryan Dumaresq 30:41and Adam Currie 33:21.

Coming up:
The Terry Stone Memorial time trial is on Sunday at 11 am from the Hudson Hope main entrance sign. 


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