Police investigating three people in assault

The Fort St. John RCMP is continuing to investigate an assault at the Beatton River campsite early Sunday morning.

Police say they have identified three people who are responsible for the assault but believe there are more who were involved. Of the three people identified, two were arrested but were released without being charged.

Cpl. Steve Perret says all three people are known to police and the two were released because the police did not have enough evidence to charge them at the time.

He says at some point in the evening, there were over 100 people but that by the end of the night there were around 30 people at the party. The police are still investigating exactly how many people were involved in the fight.

Those who were involved varied in age from being in their teens to their early 20s, he says.

Various weapons were used during the fight including baseball bats, 2×4’s, batons and Perret says they also now believe there were two handguns involved.

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