Correction – District 60 under provincial average

CORRECTION – In an earlier version of this story, our staff incorrectly reported that the FSA stats for SD 60 were lower in many cases to the provincial average.  After being corrected by SD staff, the story has been changed to better reflect the report on FSA stats. 


A 2010 report from the Province shows School District 60 has smaller class sizes but marks below the provincial average in other areas.

The report – which looks at the 2008/2009 school year – shows that the district has lower average class sizes, in general, except for in grades 1-3, where the average is slightly higher than the provincial average.

According to the report, the district has 19 public schools with an average of 22.8 students in classes from grade 8 – 12, compared to a provincial average of 24.8 students.

In the FSA Student Achievement report, School District 60 ranks higher or equals the provincial average with grade 4 students in reading, numeracy and writing.   In grade 7 students, the district ranks higher in writing, is on par with reading and lower than the provincial average in numeracy.  Please note these are the figures for students who are meeting and exceeding the standards of the FSA test.

It also shows that approximately 62 per cent of students received anywhere from a C+ to an A on their grade 10 provincial English exams.  In comparison, the report shows the provincial average – from both public and independent schools – was 66 per cent.

The failure rates on the exam for the district and the province was seven and four per cent, respectively.

In Grade 12 English, the number of students receiving higher letter grades increased to 63 per cent, whereas the provincial average is 66 per cent. The failure rates on the exams for the district and the province were identical at two per cent.

FSA 2010 results are available on the Ministry of Education website at

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