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MP Report by Jay Hill, M.P.
“Incarcerated Murderers are Not ‘Entitled’ to Entitlements!”
Canadians who work hard, contribute to our society and play by the rules deserve Canada Pension Plan (CPP) and Old Age Security (OAS) payments.  Mass murderers sitting in jail cells do not!
Yet Canadians were shocked this past March to learn that convicted serial killer Clifford Olson is collecting OAS and the Guaranteed Income Supplement while serving multiple life sentences for his heinous crimes. 
It is offensive and outrageous to Canadians across this country and our Conservative Government that someone who murdered 11 children, forever altering the lives of their families and traumatizing the communities where he committed his dreadful crimes, is receiving these entitlements while in jail.
Those who broke the rules of society and are in prison for their crimes should not receive the same entitlements as law-abiding, hard-working citizens. 
That’s why our Government introduced legislation this week to eliminate government entitlements for incarcerated criminals.  If Bill C-31 is passed by Parliament, implementation will begin with inmates who are incarcerated in federal penitentiaries for two years or more.  We will work with provinces and territories to continue implementation in provincial and territorial institutions for criminals serving sentences of greater than 90 days.
In other legislation our Government introduced in recent days, we are working to tighten laws surrounding activities that an increasing majority of Canadians undertake each and every day…email, Internet and cell phone use.
Email and wireless “spam” is not just an annoyance.  It discourages the use of electronic commerce, undermines privacy and increases the risk of identity theft and fraud.  It also poses a significant expense for businesses that must use precious resources to minimize the risks associated with spam.
Among other measures, Bill C-28 proposes fines for sending false and misleading email, and for attempts to steal personal information. It would also allow for civil action against those who violate the law.
To complement these measures, our Government simultaneously introduced Bill C-29 to safeguard Canadians’ personal information.  This legislation protects consumers from identity theft and privacy breaches.  Yet it also encourages continued growth of businesses in the digital economy by strengthening trust and confidence in their ability to secure the personal information they must collect to serve their clients.
A key proposal in the legislation requires organizations to notify affected individuals of data breaches. It also strengthens law enforcement and security investigations.
Both bills are the result of extensive consultations with a wide range of stakeholders, including business, consumer and privacy advocates, the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, provincial governments and law enforcement authority.
The online marketplace and the digital economy are playing an increasing role in our every day lives and in the prosperity of Canada’s economy.  It’s imperative that our laws keep pace.

While I expect the opposition parties will want to examine these two pieces of legislation in more detail in the coming weeks and months, I am hopeful they recognize that our legislation to end government benefits for imprisoned criminals is straightforward, just and urgently needs to pass!  Every cheque a criminal like Clifford Olson receives is another blow to victims, their families and their communities! 

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