Blizzards hold first Duathlon of the season


The first Duathlon of the season took place on tuesday april 27th at the Baldonnel School.  Eleven participants braved the cool, wet and windy weather to run 2km, bike 8km and run another 2km.  This is the first of five of these duathlons in the series and trophies are on the line for top male, female and under 19 participants.
The first person to cross the line was Gord Harris with a time of 33:13, second Bob Andrews with 34:49 and third Roger St. Jean with 35:05, fourth Grant Spelsberg with 35:27 and fifth Andrew Spence with 35:40, next the first woman, Jolea Bilodeau in 36:18, Sandy Macdonald in 36:50, Owen Giebelhaus in 36:54, Rob Churchill in 37:26, Dean Lowry in 38:17 and Lisa Verbisky in 41:09.  The fastest run split was gord harris with a 17:54  Four km total run and the fastest bike time was Sandra Macdonald with 13:55 for the 8km bike. 

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