Abnormally Warm and Dry Local Weather

This region is just over a week away from recording its second monthly precipitation total this year of less than one millimeter.

Despite the earlier forecasts for rain this week none has been recorded at the local airport.

That leaves just the point three millimeters recorded on the 3rd as the current April total, with nothing in the extended seven day forecast except a 30 percent chance of showers next Wednesday.

The year-to-date precipitation total, including only point eight millimeters in February, is 58 point two millimeters.

The norm for the first four months of the year, is 88 point one millimeters.

Meantime, in addition to being abnormally dry this month it has also been abnormally warm, especially during the past week.

High temperatures have ranged from 18.4 on Thursday of last week, to 23.3 on Tuesday of this week.

That’s about 5 to 10 degrees above the average for this time of year.

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