EnCana bomb threat letter sent to news outlet – update

By Christine Rumleskie

The Dawson Creek Daily News has received another bomb threat letter that is targeting EnCana.

Publisher Dan Przybylski confirmed that the letter was sent sometime on Wednesday. He would not comment on the contents of the letter.

However, the Dawson Creek Daily News has published the letter, which reads:


"Time-out is over!! The long and "hot" summer is coming. You had enough time to reconsider your actions but you chose to push harass and intimidate people in our territories. We are growing in strength and now ready for actions at all your installations. The corrupt RCMP and your security personnel are not going to help you as they haven’t done it to date. They became objects of jokes here. Every time they harass Wiebo Ludwig it proves their desperation which means that they don’t know anything. The million dollars reward was intended to divide us here. It had the opposite effect. Thanks to your "efforts" we are more united now than ever before. Your dirty money isn’t going to help you. This land belongs to us and our children not to you. You are the criminals not us. Be prepared for action as we intend to fight back with a range you haven’t seen before. Get out of our home lands and stop poisoning us or face the consequences!! This note doesn’t contain any DNA so don’t look for it and don’t waste the taxpayer’s money at the same time pretending that you’re doing something. Do the right thing instead."


Przybylski  says the letter is type-written and not hand-written like the past two letters.  It’s also postmarked from Whitecourt, Alberta.

He says the Dawson Creek Daily News has handed the letter over to the RCMP for investigation. Officers will determine if the letter is actually from the infamous EnCana Bomber. If it is, the letter would be the third that has been sent to the daily newspaper.

Calls to the RCMP have yet to be returned.

More information will be posted as it becomes available.

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