Fort St. John man survives Revelstoke avalanche


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A Fort St. John man has survived the avalanche near Revelstoke.

The avalanche occurred on Saturday March 13th at around 3:30pm on Boulder Mountain, near Revelstoke.  The RCMP say three people are confirmed dead but they do not know how many are unaccounted for after the slide struck a gathering of up to 200 snowmobilers.

One survivor is from Fort St. John who described the avalanche as a “big white wall of snow”.  The man spoke to the Canadian Press, and did not want to be identified, said they saw the slide coming and had only a few seconds to react.  The man dove behind his snowmobile and ended up partially buried.  Members of his group managed to dig him out.

The Police are beginning a door-to-door search of hotel rooms to try and determine how many people are missing.  The search will also continue on Boulder Mountain. 


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