Local airport now home to Big Foot

Photo: ‘Big Foot’ towers above the Lechner family and representatives from the airport and the City. (L-R) Managing Director for the North Peace Airport, Todd Tripp, Fort St. John Mayor Bruce Lantz, Rita Lechner and Dr. Egon Lechner – Christine Rumleskie/Energeticcity.ca

There will be a lot more bear sightings at the North Peace Airport from now on.

That’s because a local family has donated a hefty piece of artwork to the City of Fort St. John.

The 10 foot, chainsaw-carved bear, dubbed ‘Big Foot’, was recently donated by the Lechner family.

At an unveiling at the local airport on Friday, Dr. Egon Lechner said the giant carving was sitting on his property in the North Peace for a few years.

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The bear was carved by artist Ken Sheen. Lechner says it took some persuasion to purchase the artwork, because it was destined to go to another collector.

Lechner says after years of being outside, the fluctuating weather was chipping away at the precious artwork. So, he offered it to the city.

The city hauled the bear on a flatbed truck, and eventually got the giant structure inside the airport. Lechner compared the shipping process to, "hauling a giant mummy out of Egypt."

Managing Director for the North Peace Airport, Todd Tripp, says the artwork complements the existing pieces in the building.

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The Lechners have lived in the North Peace for 13 years.

Photo: ‘Big Foot’ stands ten feet tall, and has been relocated to the North Peace airport – Christine Rumleskie/Energeticcity.ca


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