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The Director of Economic Analysis for TD Economics says technology could improve the future of Alberta’s natural gas exports.

Derek Burleton discussed TD Economics’ report on Issues and Answers on Wednesday morning.

The report was released on Monday, and forecasted that Alberta’s natural gas industry is slowly fading.

Burleton says the U-S, Alberta’s largest natural gas consumer, is developing ways to extract its own shale gas through new technology.

He also says B.C.’s Horn River Basin and Montney reserves will add to Alberta’s competition.

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Alberta has generated the vast majority of natural gas in Canada in the past decade. Burleton says it has been a tough year for natural gas exports, with prices sitting under $5 per MM BTU for a while now.

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Burleton says technological innovation could be Alberta’s savior. He says the report is a bit precarious because the industry can change dramatically in a small amount of time.

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