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Fort Nelson’s Derek Bulley brought home a gold and a silver medal from the recent World Martial Arts Cup, in Ocean City, Maryland.

Bulley earned his spot at the event with his gold medal performance at the Western Canadian Championship, also known as the Tiger Balm games, in March.  He spend the summer working out and relentlessly preparing for his chance on the world stage, and did not disappoint.

In his first event, the 10-11 year-old Continuous Sparring competition, Bulley cruised to the final, where he defeated a German opponent, to win gold for his country.

Two days later, he made it to the final of the Karate Sparring event.  Facing a Texan opponent, he took an early spinning back-kick to the solar plexus that put him to the mat, and hurt him badly.  But, against the advice of the paramedics on scene, Bulley finished out the match, losing 5-0, but earning a silver medal.

Bulley has only been studying Taekwondoe for about a year and a half, but continues to impress his coaches with his work ethic and dedication.

Congratulations to Derek Bulley.

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