Huskies season opener Friday

Huskies Colour Commentator Mike Feeney


Hard to believe it’s that time of year again, but there you have it. Summer is over and it’s time to get back to the grind. Hockey is back and it starts this Friday at the NPA. The Huskies start another new season at home against the Dawson Creek Jr. Canucks at 8pm.  And speaking of new, there is a lot of new blood on this team.  Two new goaltenders, 3 or 4 new speedy young forwards with skill, and a new face or two on defence as well.  I will introduce you to some of the new guys a little later on, but first let’s talk about this Friday.


I will assume that if you are reading this you have a rooting interest in the Huskies so there is no need for me to try and pump you up about the upcoming season. But I am going to anyway.  How about a perfect preseason record?  Three wins without a loss and none of the games were even close.  10-0, 7-3, 7-2 were the scores of the Huskies games.  An average of 8 goals per game, so you have to be pretty geeked up to see this team play on Friday.  The challenge for the coaching staff will be making sure that this team doesn’t get a little too cocky.  Cocky isn’t a bad thing but you want to make sure the players know that they still have to come out every night and out compete their opponents.  That is the challenge for the coaches to deal with, but you have to think the Huskies want to put on a show on opening night in front of the home crowd.  Juices will be pumping, guys will be fired up, and you should see one heck of a game.  The Jr. Canucks will have payback on the agenda as they were embarrassed by the pups in preseason. The home opener has all the makings of a beauty.


So back to the new blood.  Let’s start with Brighton Campbell.  This kid is lightning-quick and seems to have a pretty decent shot as well.  He even plays with a little edge and a little more toughness than you might think.  Throw in Justin Rattray and Carter Saley and you have three young forwards who all seem to have wheels.  I know the Huskies like what these young kids are capable of bringing.  They just have to make sure they bring it every night.  Ryan Stickel is the biggest new addition to the blue line. Literally. He is a big kid.  Strong and looks like he is willing to throw a hit and his fists if need be.  And he should keep the front of the net cleared out so his goalies can see the puck.  Those goalies are new too, by the way.  Ty Gullickson and Garrett Muir both looked good in the preseason and go into the season still battling it out for the number 1 job.  Again the Huskies like what both of the guys bring to the team so it should be fun to see who ends up as the number 1 guy.  Competition like this should bring out the best in both of them.


You mix in those newcomers with the established guys, Wongstedt and Linden Apsassin on the back end and Kalb, Dylan Apsassin, Norris and even Siddhu up front and you have the makings of a team that can really score the puck.  It certainly was a very encouraging preseason and if the team plays all year like they did the past week and a half then I can’t wait to cover them.  But it was the preseason and you never know what you will get once the real games start. That’s the real reason Friday can’t come soon enough.


The Huskies home opener is this Friday at 8pm at the NPA against Dawson Creek.

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