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There’s some good news for skiers in the North Peace – the Big Bam Ski Hill will be reopening.

President of the Big Bam Ski Club Greg Hammond says he has been hearing nothing but positive feedback from the community.

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The ski hill on the south side of Taylor was operational until 1997. A landslide ruined a chunk of the facility, including the T-Bar and bunny tow.

Hammond says the Ski Club has been in talks with the insurance brokers over the years, and recently received a settlement.

Now, construction is being done on the land, getting it ready for a new lift that is coming in from Europe.

Hammond says once that is installed, the BC Safety Authority will inspect the lift, and based on those results, certify the hill.

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That means -weather permitting- the hill will be ready for this winter.

Hammond says the ski hill is run by volunteers, and anyone who is interested can drop by the site and apply. Alternatively, potential volunteers can contact Hammond at

Volunteer positions range from concession workers to laborers.

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