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A STARS crew performed a night-time search and rescue on Sunday night along the Peace River.

STARS Spokesperson Cameron Heke says pilots used Night Vision Goggles to locate the patient.

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The man had fallen down an embankment in a heavily forested remote area, and sustained multiple injuries. He was riding with approximately 9 to 12 other individuals in the backcountry.

Heke says at around 9 p.m., the STARS crew flew to a pre-arranged landing zone that the ground party had cleared in advance of the landing, approximately two kilometers from the scene of the accident.

Heke says STARS worked with the BC Provincial Emergency Program to rescue the patient.

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The man was transported to the Fort St. John hospital in stable condition.

Heke says without the use of the Night Vision Goggles, STARS would not be able to fly into the dark remote area and land safely.

After transferring the patient, the STARS pilots returned to base in Grande Prairie.

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