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The Blizzard Masters gave it a good try, but could not duplicate last years 7th place finish for the Oakridge Environmental Worlds Masters 40 km Challenge.

They were one rider short of the necessary five to beat the age time standard.   Riders Pat Ferris, Roger St. Jean, Bob Andrews, and Sam Keats had a decent total of 26:42, minutes better than their personal age standards but lacked the qualifying fifth rider.  A few key riders were missing due to other commitments, injury or away.

The day’s results on the Peejay – Milligan course were: 1. Pat Ferris at 1:04:54 2.Roger St. Jean 1:04:42 3. Bob Andrews 1:06:27

Conditions were warm with a bit of a south wind on the way back.

Meanwhile, on Saturday, Blizzard cyclists Erik Snucins and Wim Kok succesfully completed the 200 km Quiche Brevet in 10:48 and 9:50 respectively.

Larry Joyce also completed the 100 km Quiche Populaire.

These rides were the last of the 2009 marathon cycling distances.   A new series will be scheduled for 2010.

Both Snucins and Kok earned the Super Randonneur award, recognizing that they and 47 other BC marathon cyclists completed the 200, 300, 400 and 600 km distances within the required time limits.

Coming up:

-Wednesday mountain bike action 6:30 at the Beatton Cactus circuit.

-Thursday first ‘Toony’ Cyclo cross at the high school at 6 PM

-Sunday 10:00 am Cyclo cross at the high school.

Peter King and Colter Young are in Banff for the Alberta Provincial Hill Climb Championships on Mt. Norquay.

Photo – Barb Polehoykie racing on the Peejay – Milligan course.  Submitted photo.

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