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Chetwynd and the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality will benefit from a large federal and provincial investment.

The Federal and Provincial Government will be investing $14 million through the Community Adjustment Fund and Job Opportunities Program.

This program will help organizations and groups throughout the province create immediate employment.

The investment will fund 45 projects throughout the province.

The District of Chetwynd will receive $509,662 to help maintain a number of areas in the community, and improve trail safety. Workers will remain in the area to support their community while broadening their skill sets.

Meanwhile, Tembec will be funded $129,241 to restore trails in the Chetwynd area. Work activities included in this project will include site clean-up, sanitation, and preparation; painting; sign installation; brushing, burning of debris; installation of tables, fire-rings and pit toilets. Tembec will also receive $36,938 to perform routine trail maintenance and trail improvement work on the Battleship Mountain Trail. This includes trail marker installation, and construction and installation of a picnic table, pit toilet, kiosk and three blade sign at the trailhead.

Now, the Northern Rockies Regional District will get $198,700 for the maintenance of the cross-country ski trails. This includes the elimination of hazard trees through on-site tree chipping. Tree chips will be recycled for use on the trails. Brushing will be completed as needed and pit toilets installed along the trail.

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