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Photo:  5 year old Demetrius Jones just hours after being rescued from his ride down the Peace River – Adam Reaburn/

Peace River North MLA Pat Pimm paid tribute to five residents who helped to save the life of Demetrius Jones in the BC Legislature.

Sunday July 12th, 2009 5 year-old Demetrius Jones went missing after he drove his truck down the boat launch at Peace Island Park and into the Peace River. The boy was found by Don Loewen, Dwayne Paulovich, Doug Marquardt, Darrin Paynter and Wayne Hotte when they jumped in a river boat and headed downstream to search for Demetrius.

The five rescuers found Demetrius approximately 12 kilometres downstream after calculating that he had about a two hour head start. During the entire process Demetrius clung to his battery powered Cheverolet Silverado for the ride down the river. When the rescuers spotted Demetrius he refused to leave his truck behind.

Monday August 31st MLA Pimm rose in the BC Legislature and paid tribute to the heroism, bravery and quick thinking of the five Fort St. John and area residents. During his official statement MLA Pimm stated,

“Don figured that the boy had been gone for about a two-hour head start, so they knew they’d have to travel down the river about ten to fifteen kilometres.”

Pimm went on to say “The water in the Peace River at this time of year is high, cold and dirty. My friends not only found but also saved this child’s life – him and his toy truck. This is truly a miracle. I wish Don and his buddies could be here in the House to be recognized for their bravery and for the heroes that they truly are. We’re all very proud of them.”

The MLA will present all give of the rescuers with an official certificate of bravery upon returning to Fort St. John from Victoria.

Below is a copy of Pat Pimm’s entire speech from the BC Legislature.

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