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City Council has awarded a Dawson Creek contracting company the tender for the South Lagoon Treament Plant Pipe Works Upgrade.

H.E. & H Developments submitted a bid on August 18th, which totaled just over $486,000. The company beat out five other contractors for the bid.

The South Lagoon upgrade is being split into two tenders, one being pipe works, the other will focus on concrete/mechanical works.

The primary focus of the pipe works portion will be the twinning of the discharge piping. The current piping isn’t big enough to handle the city’s demand, meaning some flow is pumped into a pond – leading to hygeine concerns.

The pipe is scheduled to be installed and completed by October 31st of this year, with the remainder of the overall project to be tendered out in the spring of 2010.

Engineers estimated the Pipe Works project to come in just over $577,000. So, this portion of the project is expected to come in under budget.

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