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Brayden Schroeder and visiting driver Cody Graber were the only two repeat winners over the weekend at the Taylor Speedway. 

Graber pushed his modified Honda Civic to victory on Saturday and Sunday in the Mini Adult class, while Schroeder won both of the finals and all of the heats in the Mini Juniors division.

Final Results from the weekend’s action at the Taylor Speedway:

IMCA Modified Division:



1st – Kervin McElderry

2nd – Doug Mitchell

3rd – John Stokes

4th – Matt Richards


1st – Matt Richards

2nd – Dennis Wurst

3rd – Kervin McElderry

4th – Doug Mitchell




1st – Justin Simms

2nd – Joel Minard

3rd – Rick Radke


1st – A.J. Everton

2nd – Justin Simms

3rd – Andrew Kucera




1st – Ivon Snider

2nd – Calvin Hildebrand

3rd – Ron McNabb


1st – Richard Hildebrand

2nd – Ron McNabb

3rd – Ivon Snider

Mini Adults:



1st – Cody Graber

2nd – Kelly Hildebrand

3rd – Willy Undiks


1st – Cody Graber

2nd – Jeremy LaFountain

3rd – Wayne Dale

Mini Junior:



1st – Brayden Schroeder

2nd – Kaitlyn McNabb

3rd – Jordie Hildebrand


1st – Brayden Schroeder

2nd – Kaitlyn McNabb

3rd – Jordie Hildebrand

Mini Sprints



1st – Devon Beebe

2nd – Keaton Plypiuk

3rd – Dylan Beaumont


1st – Camryn Beaumont

2nd – Dylan Beaumont

3rd – Devon Beebe

This was the final weekend of the season in Taylor.

Fans hungry for more racing can attend the Truck Challenge at Sangudo Speedway, Sept. 5&6, or the IMCA Modified Super Nationals at Hythe Motor Speedway, also Sept. 5&6.

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