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The Vancouver Sun is reporting the proposed 500 million natural-gas-processing plant 60 kilometers northeast of Fort Nelson, could become the province’s single-largest source of carbon dioxide.

It quotes the Pembina Institute as saying it all depends on whether the government tightens the rules for greenhouse gas emissions.

Calgary-based EnCana Corporation, and a consortium of gas producers, is seeking approval from the B.C. environmental assessment office to build the Cabin gas plant.

However, the Sun story says, when fully operational, the plant will annually emit about twice the amount of carbon dioxide of the province’s current largest emitter, the Alcan aluminum smelter in Kitimat.

The Pembina Institute, the Calgary-based fossil-fuel watchdog group, says emissions from the Cabin gas plant, “would be the equivalent of adding, almost 450 thousand cars to B.C. roads.”

However, compared to higher-carbon fuels such as coal and oil, natural gas is 20 to 50 percent cleaner, per unit of energy.

Thus, EnCana notes in its submission to the environmental assessment office, there’s a strong possibility that ramped-up gas production in B.C. could cause a drop in North American carbon dioxide emissions, if it displaces existing fossil fuel consumption.

To view the Vancouver Sun’s story, Click Here.

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