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Photo: The goal of the campaign is to raise awarness about the impacts of parking in an accessible parking stall – Christine Rumleskie/

There is a new reminder to anyone who illegally parks in an accessible parking spot.

Accessibility activist Lori Slater presented placards to City Council on Tuesday evening. The stop-sign shaped cards display the universally recognized wheelchair symbol, along with text that reads, “Imagine being in our place, Please don’t Park in our space.”

When someone is illegally parked in an accessible parking area, community members are encouraged to slip the card under the windshield as a reminder. Slater says she hopes the cards get the message across.

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Slater says Measuring up the North is working with the Social Planning and Research Council of B.C. to distribute the placards. Slater says SPARC B.C. is a leader in community development around accessibility and inclusion.

The group will first distribute the cards to anyone who is illegally parked in a city-operated accessible parking stall. But with the city’s support last night, Slater says she will attempt to distribute the cards in private parking lots.

Councilor Don Irwin says he is impressed with Slater’s determination.

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Slater says illegal parking can include parking without a valid accessible parking permit, or parking in a designated spot, if the disabled individual remains waiting in the vehicle.

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