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Photo: The Bitterman’s discovered this footprint while mowing the lawn on Saturday –  Photo courtesy of Neil and Earlene Bitterman.

A Hudson’s Hope couple has discovered a mysterious footprint in their front yard.

Neil and Earlene Bitterman were doing some yard work in their front yard on Saturday. Neil was mowing the lawn when he hit a large rock. He says he dug it out and almost threw it in a nearby rock pile, when he discovered a peculiar looking shape engraved in the bolder.

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He says he has never seen anything like the footprint before. The print has four toes, including a big toe. The Bittermans took off their shoes and put their feet in the imprint to see how they would fit.

Neil says it was eerie how similar the print was to his own foot.

Now, Earlene has sent numerous pictures out to paleontologists and anthropologists from all over B.C. and Alberta. The couple is still awaiting a response.

If it turns out to be a fossil of some kind, Neil says he will consider donating the rock to a museum.

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The couple has been living in the Hudson’s Hope area for around 20 years now. Neil says this is the first fossil that was found on their property.

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