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Photo: Many people were trapped under this stage after a huge blast of wind caused it to come crashing down  – Christine Rumleskie/

It could take up to six months to complete an investigation into the holiday weekend collapse of the main stage, at the Big Valley Jamboree site.

A strong blast of wind collapsed the main stage and concert-goer Donna Moore died when a giant speaker fell on her. Fiona Wiseman, of Alberta Occupational Health and Safety, says the investigation will be hampered by the fact the evidence was removed during the search for victims.  

However, she says her department has ordered concert producers Panhandle Productions, to do a full investigation.

Meantime, the father and seven year old brother of a three-year-old Calgary girl, killed by flying debris, during a storm attributed to the same weather system, remain in hospital with serious injuries.

Michelle Kresk died instantly, after being hit by a sheet of corrugated metal, that fell from a hotel and office tower under construction.

Photo: Crews worked throughout the night to lift the stage and rescue the people trapped underneath – Christine Rumleskie/

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