Pat Ferris won the Thursday night Baldonnel Time Trial


Pat Ferris won the Thursday night Baldonnel time trial with a 24:40 (PB). Bob Andrews was second at 25:13. Les Elliott and Gord ‘The Hammer’ Harris were tied for third at 25:26. Sandy McDonald was 4th at 26:04 and Richard Wood was 5th at 26:40 (PB).

Gilbert Bilodeau was 6th at 27:02, Floyd Polehoykie 28:27 (PB), Ken Nix 28:40, Simon Andrews 28:41 and Jolea Bilodeau 29:34 for the top ten fastest times.

George Gamble was 11th at 30:04, Owen Giebelhaus 30:33, Adam Bilodeau 30:41, Pat Egan 30:42, Rob Churchill 31:54, Larry Joice 32:15 and Brandon Joice 37:09.

Barb and Tristan Polehoykie had 27:00 for 8 km.

Thanks to Pat Emery, Pat Andrews and Mary Egan for timing!

Coming up:
-Terry Stone Memorial 40 k time trial at the Hudson’s Hope entrance 10:00 am Sunday.
Pat Ferris and Kathryn Fairweather are the defending winners from 2008.
-Colter Young is racing the Tour of Abitibi and is currently in 81st place, overall, at the Tour of Abitibi, in Quebec. 


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