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The Prince George Fire Centre is still putting out campfires, even though there is an open fire ban in place.

Fire Information Officer Jillian Chimko says the while there hasn’t been many recent wildfire starts; the risk is still very high.

She recommends campers use charcoal and gas grills throughout the weekend.

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The ban was initiated on Friday the 24th, and remains in place until further notice. If a wildfire is started, the person(s) responsible will foot the costs to put the fire out.

The ban is in place to limit the amount of human-caused wildfires in the region.

Meanwhile, the Smith/Liard wildfire continues to burn. It remains at 230 square kilometres in size

Chimko with an update…

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Chimko says there have been a couple of small fires started from lightning strikes, but so far, there are no large wildfires to report.

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