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This is the day we are scheduled to get more information regarding corporate sponsorship of the Enerplex.

An announcement is set for City Hall Council Chambers beginning at 3:30 this afternoon.

Earlier this year, the City sent out a sponsorship package to associate a corporate name with the nearly completed facility, at 96th street and 93rd avenue.

It carried a response deadline, of April 24th but…with the recession getting the majority of blame…there was little initial interest, and the deadline was extended.

The so-called state-of-art facility, owned by the city, is expected to open this fall at a total cost of close to $40 million.

A narrowly approved referendum, in June of 2006 gave the city voter authorization to borrow up to $15 million over 30 years, for the project…after the province had kicked in with $12.5┬ámillion.

However, a hoped for matching $12.5 million federal contribution never materilized, making corporate sponsorship a key to help covering the shortfall.

If all goes according to previous stated plans, the city will be making ice at the facility by the end of this week.

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