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A third letter targeting the oil and gas industry has been sent to the Dawson Creek Daily News.

The Alaska Highway News is reporting that its sister newspaper received the letter on Wednesday.But, the RCMP are confirming that the letter is unrelated to the previous two letters that targeted EnCana.

Publisher of the Dawson Creek Daily News, Dan Przybylski says there were significant differences from the first two, and that the letter was received in the morning mail.

A bullet was also contained in the letter, saying, “The second phase of the battle with the EnCana bullies is about to begin! Le Secund Brigade.”

RCMP investigated and shortly determined that the note was a hoax. However, officers are taking this letter seriously, stating that there is a targeted company in the letter.

The Alaska Highway News reports that the RCMP says this is extremely disrespectful to the community, and it appears someone has created a hoax for their own amusement.

The letter was postmarked from somewhere in Edmonton, but investigating officers claim the location is false.

If the author is found, the author will be charged with uttering threats and public mischief.

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