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Wiebo Ludwig, who was convicted of sabotaging oil and gas operations in northwestern Alberta a decade ago, says the RCMP asked him to help catch the EnCana bomber.

There have been six bomb attacks since last October against EnCana’s oil and gas operations near Dawson Creek, in northeastern Ludwig told CTV he `wouldn’t squeal’ on whoever is responsible for the attacks.

But he said he did offer to go to B.C. and talk to people he knows there in an effort to find the perpetrator – provided police didn’t follow him.

Ludwig, who was released from jail in 2001 after serving two thirds of a 28 month sentence, said the Mounties turned down his offer.

The RCMP plan to set up a temporary detachment in Tomslake, B.C. where they believe the suspect lives.

Two letters sent by the suspect mentioned the small town, 20-kilometres southeast of Dawson Creek.

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