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This video was taken by crews at the sweet natural gas well site bombed July 1, about eight kilometres south of Dawson Creek.

The bomb was set at surface, at the base of the wellhead on July 1, 2009. It damaged the pipe at ground level. The bomb did not ignite the gas. The gas was just venting to the atmosphere.

Highly-trained specialists in well control tried to pump water down the wellhead to stop the gas flow, but the pipe was too damaged. So they went to the second plan which you will see here in the video.

As a safety measure, the crew light the gas intentionally, if this is not done there is the danger of an explosion.

To stop the gas leak they need to cut off the wellhead and clamp a new valve on to the undamaged pipe. Before they did that, they lit the well, then dug down with a backhoe around the wellhead creating a pit where crews could work safely to reach an undamaged section of pipe.

The video shows a crucial step in the well control operation.

* First the crews are lighting a super-hot, long-reach blow torch they will use to cut off the steel wellhead.
* They hand it to the three workers in the pit.
* Two workers are holding fire shields to protect the torch operator cutting the pipe.
* The torch is inserted between the shields to cut the steel pipe and remove the wellhead.
* You can see that this has plenty of risks and this requires considerable effort to complete.

Once the wellhead was cut off, a new valve was lowered over the exposed pipe and fixed in place. The valve was closed and the leak and the fire stopped.

It took four days of preparation and work before the well was brought under control on Sunday July 5th. Scroll down to see a photo of the wellhead after the repairs were complete.

People with information regarding the attacks, or the threat letters are asked to contact their local police department, CrimeStoppers, or to call the dedicated tip line at 1-866-994-7473 or submit a tip online at

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