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Photo: Sergeant Tim Shields speaks to reporters about the recent EnCana threat-letter sent out on Wednesday, as Mayor Mike Bernier, left, looks on – Adam Reaburn/

The RCMP say the letter sent to a Dawson Creek newspaper is extremely threatening.

On Wednesday, a letter was sent to the Dawson Creek Daily News, addressed as a letter to the editor.

Publisher Dan Przybylski says the newspaper was anticipating another letter after the recent string of bombings.

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Last October, the Dawson Creek Daily News was among local media outlets that received the first bomb threat, just before the first of six bombings occurred to the EnCana well sites.

The latest letter is two pages and hand-written. It says that EnCana has three months to start shutting down its operations, or the bombings will get a lot worse.

It states there will be no bombings for three months, and goes on to say, “We can all have a summer vacation including your security personnel and the RCMP, who have not helped you to date anyway.”

The letter calls the first six explosions “minor” and “fully controlled.”

A gas plant near Kelly Lake was mentioned, but it wasn’t directly targeted as a potential site for a future attack.

Meanwhile, at a news conference today, Sergeant Tim Shields says this letter is being considered as a form of blackmail against the local communities.

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Below is the letter that was sent to the Dawson Creek Daily News.

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