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The BC Government Service and Employees Union have announced it has reached a tentative agreement with the City of Fort St. John.

In June, the B.C.G.E.U. accepted the City’s application for mediation, after employees voted 92 per cent in favor of strike action on June 15th.

B.C.G.E.U. spokesperson Erin Sikora says a tentative agreement has been reached, and a ratification meeting will be held on July 21st.

Sikora says the City will decide on the tentative agreement on July 27th or 28th.

While all the details cannot be released until an agreement is ratified, some information has been made public. It promises a three year agreement that would expire on December 31, 2011 and a three per cent per-year increase.

The B.C.G.E.U. represents around 120 city employees, who have been without a contract since the end of December.

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