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Three radar tickets issued near Chetwynd have been upheld in Provincial Court.

In October 2007, six tickets were issued on a single-lane road near Chetwynd. The tickets were issued under the Forest Service Road Use Regulation and carried a $86 fine.

Now, three of these were contested, marking the first time a ministry-issued radar speed-enforcement ticket on a Forest Service road had been challenged.

The tickets were upheld by a Justice of the Peace at a hearing in Chetwynd in April 2009. The Justice of the Peace said the officials were suitably trained, the equipment was functioning properly, and that the ticketed vehicles were the vehicles measured by the radar equipment. The officials were certified in radar operation and used radar equipment recommended by the RCMP.

The ministry announced a province wide expansion of radar speed-enforcement on Forest Service roads in January 2009. The expanded radar usage is one in a series of initiatives to improve safety on Forest Service roads, which includes the expansion of Vehicle Identification Plates and $20 million in road maintenance funding.

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