A premeditated food fight turned violent at the Fort Nelson Secondary School on Tuesday.

In fact, no food was actually thrown. One student, however, threw a lit “screamer” firework into the Multipurpose Area where students were eating their lunch. The student was given the firework from another student who brought it to school.

The fire alarm was then pulled and students were rushed out into the parking lot. Once they were evacuated, the drama continued, with two fights breaking out.

Youth Liaison Constable Laura Boland says the youth involved, including the two kids responsible for the firework, will now have to participate in a restorative justice program.

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The victims of the fight were sent to the hospital, but have since returned to write their year-end exams.

Boland says everything has returned to normal since the incident.

Meanwhile, School Board #81 Trustee Linda Dolen says she feels the event couldn’t be prevented, and that staff did a good job dealing with the situation.

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The food fight is reported to have been planned using Facebook.

To view a letter from the school’s Principal, click on the attachment below.