The chance of a summer spill from the WAC Bennett Dam is unlikely this summer, a BC Hydro spokesperson says.

David Conway says the Williston Reservoir, which backs the WAC Bennett Dam, is in spring run-off and is still refilling.

He says currently, the reservoir can accommodate 20 more feet of inflow.

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Snowpack and rainfall significantly impacts the amount of water in the reservoir, and so, by measuring precipitation, officials can make estimates on the possibility of a summer spill.

Currently, water is filling the reservoir at around five thousand cubic meters per second. Despite the fairly high flow, Conway says the snowpack and rainfall estimates indicate that the reservoir will be lower than last year.

Last July, the reservoir filled very close to its limit. Conway says even if that happens this year, it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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He is encouraging members of the public who have questions to visit Alternatively, you can call David Conway at 250-561-4906.