Power Smart encouraging conservation this summer

Photo: Cailey Borland, far left, and two other representatives, pose with their Prius Power Smart Car on Tuesday – Christine Rumleskie/Energeticcity.ca

Summer has finally arrived, and members from Power Smart are in Fort St. John to encourage conservation.

Representative Cailey Borland says summertime is around the corner, and there are many ways to cool down without wasting energy.

She says BC Hydro is concerned with conservation because of the growing demand for electicity.

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Power Smart is also recruiting people to join its online Team Power Smart group. The goal is to get 210 thousand members to join, where each person commits to conserving ten per cent of their energy consumption.

She recommends affordable ways to conserve, including drawing the blinds during the day and planting trees in front of windows to block the heat from the sun.

In fact, she says conserving can simply start with a power bar.

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The overall goal for BC Hydro is to become energy self-sufficient by 2016.

For more information on conserving energy, visit www.bchydro.com/PowerSmart

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