Photo: Members of the Seeds of Learning program accept a $7,000 donation from Remax Reality – Adam Reaburn/

Children in El Salvador will be getting another school, thanks to a $7,000 donation from Remax Reality.

Fort St. John Remax donated the money on Friday to the Seeds of Learning program.

Instructor and organizer Derrick Laychuck says the students have now raised exactly 100 thousand dollars, over the past year.

He says students paid for the trip themselves, and got 500 dollars back, through fundraising efforts.

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When the 60 students arrive in El Salvador, they will be building a school over the course of two weeks.

It costs around $7,000 to build a school in the central American country, and the Rotary Club donated nine thousand dollars towards the project last month.

And so, with Remax’s donation of another seven thousand on Friday, Seeds of Learning can now fund a second school.

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The students will be heading to El Salvador this summer.