Community members will get a chance this weekend to create an accessible future, by re-living one man’s historic journey.

This year, the Rick Hansen foundation hopes to raise around 15 thousand dollars. All proceeds will go towards accessible play equipment in Kin Park.

However, spokesperson Lori Slater says the foundation will be happy with any donations.

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The event kicks off at 12 o’clock on Sunday the 14th. Participants will register at Centennial Park, and then begin the wheel/walk at one o’clock.

Participants are encouraged to wheel around in anything from skateboards to wheelchairs. Slater says the wheel/walk will represent Rick Hansen’s famous Man In Motion World Tour.

In 1985, the BC native wheeled the equivalent of three marathons a day, taking him to more than 34 countries.

The marathon raised 26 million dollars and brought worldwide attention to the obstacles faced by people with disabilities on a daily basis.

Slater says she follows a simple motto by Hansen every day.

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There will also be a wheelchair skills competition, so participants can experience five activities that people in wheelchairs go though every day.

For more information, contact Lori Slater at 250.787.1912.