Pat Ferris had the fastest time, Thursday night, at the Aurora Engineering Personal Best night at Baldonnel. He had a time of 25:51 minutes. Gilbert Bilodeau was second at 27:32 and Roger St. Jean third at 27:49. Gord Harris was 4th at 28:07 and Les Elliott 5th at 28:47.

The season high number of twenty eight riders competing in cool and windy conditions.
Christina Woodruff won the 8 km with 16:12. Brandon Joice was second at 17:10, Dawn Gladysz third at 17:15 and Jordy Doerksen 4th at 21:49.

The winner of the Personal Best Awards were Dawn Gladysz who shaved off 1:04 minutes off her time for the 8 km and Gilbert Bilodeau who took off 3 seconds of his time.

Other 16 km times were Cam Chiorando 28:54, Darren Guliov 29:17, Simon Andrews 29:44, Richard Wood 29:57, Dean Lowry 30:01, Kathryn Fairweather 30:25, Barb Polehoykie 30:30, Sam Keats 30:31, Floyd Polehoykie 31:40, Pat Egan 23:23, Adam Bilodeau 33:21, Larry Joice 33:44, Ken Nix 33:46, Melanie Chapple 34:16, Owen Giebelhaus 34:57, Adam Currie 35:12, Clayton Woodruff 35:47,

Kevin Fell jr 36:00 and Hilda Bilodeau 39:27.

Thank you to Sandy McDonald for organizing and timing this event!

Coming up:
-Sunday is the FSJ Triathlon

-Also Sunday is a Montney Store road race at 2 pm from the rail tracks on the Montney Highway.
The Blizzards are also busy racing elsewhere, this weekend.

Colter Young is racing the tough Mount Hood stage race in Oregon. He was 53rd of 180 riders in the Pro – 1 – 2 class in the opening time trial.

Wanda Laliberte is in Invermere to compete with her team in the 36 hour ‘Full Moon in June’ adventure race.