G.P. man missing in Wapiti River

A search continues, for a man missing in Grande Prairie after trying to drive his vehicle through a river.

The Grande Prairie RCMP reports the man, and a female passenger, were driving a side by side sport recreational utility vehicle (SRUV) through the Wapiti river on Monday evening, when the strength of the current overcame their vehicle.

The 25 year-old female passenger managed to get out of the SRUV just before it rolled, and swam safely to shore.  But, the 23 year-old male was swept away by the waters, and has not been seen since.

He has now been identified as Jason Giesbrecht, of Grande Prairie.  Dogs, boats, quads, and a helicopter are being used in the search, while the public is being discouraged from going to the area, near the Riverview Pines subdivision.


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