Pat Ferris wins the Baldonnel Time Trail Again


Pat Ferris was the repeat winner of the Thursday night Baldonnel time trial with a 16 km time of 24:58. Bob Andrews was second at 25:29 and Roger St. Jean third at 26:05 and Gord Harris was 4th, 3 seconds back.
Sandy McDonald was 5th at 26:20. Her time was only 9 seconds away from the all time Womens course record of 26:11 set by Janelle Morrison back in 1997.

Richard Wood was 6th at 27:24, Gilbert Bilodeau 27:35, Barb Polehoykie 28:32, Sam Keats 28:40 and Dean Lowry 28:42 to round out the top ten times.

Simon Andrews was 11th at 28: 45, Ken Nix at 30:03, Floyd Polehoykie 30:14, Owen Giebelhaus 31:12, Trisha Gladysz 31:22, Pat Egan 31:25, Kevin Fell 33:10, Bill Lindsay 34:23, Clayton Woodruff 35:22 and Christina Woodruff 35:30.

Rob Churchill won the 8 km with 13:58. Dawn Gladysz was second at 18:19 and Jordy Doerksen third at 21:58.

Thanks Adam Currie for timing!

Coming up:
Sunday is the 26th running of the 15 Mile Blizzard / Pheonix time trial trophy races. This is happening from the Pineview Pullout at 10: am.

Bob Andrews will be defending this year from 12 time past winner Pat Ferris, who has not won this event since 2000.

Barb Polehoykie is the defending Womens winner. She will be up against challenger Sandy McDonald and past double winner Jolea Bilodeau.

Adam Bilodeau is the Under 19 defending champ. 

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