Prince George/Peace River MP Jay Hill is taking some heat, for doing what he claims he was elected to do.

According to a report in Wednesday’s Globe and Mail, private companies are lining up to bid for the cash strapped coal-shipping crown corporation, in Prince Rupert.

However, according to the Conservative-appointed chairman, of Ridley Terminals, a 131 million dollar offer, one of four private expressions of interest, is being hindered by a group of MP’s led by Mr. Hill.

The Globe and Mail quotes Daniel Veniez as claiming private companies are lining up to bid for the corporation, but the MP’s are worried about the impact of privatization, on coal-mining firms, in the interior.  Veniez also claims these MP’s are unhappy, with Ridley’s attempts to neogitate higher rates, for the coal shipped from the interior, through the Prince Rupert facility.

The Globe and Mail indicates Mr. Hill isn’t backing down, saying it would be “completely irresponsible” for him not to voice his concerns about the impact of privatiation and/or higher fees in the area.

However, Mr. Veniez doesn’t believe Prime Minister Harper is aware of the simmering dispute, claiming his reputation and those of his board members have been blackened by the affair.

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