A Fort St. John travel agent is conceeding air travel will likely drop off this summer.

Uniglobe Travel’s Marva Kosick says she agrees with a recent claim by Vancouver-based travel agent Scott Clute, who said that air travel has the potential to decrease by 20 per cent during the summer months.

Clute had made the prediction based on the numbers so far in 2009 compared to 2008, where there has already been a drastic reduction in travelers.

However, Kosick says the Uniglobe branch in Fort St. John is still doing better than most other BC outlets.

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Although Canadian statistics haven’t been released, the Air Transport Association in the United States estimates air travel over the summer will decline by more than 14 million passengers.

Despite the ailing economy and the H1N1 flu outbreak, Kosick says she will remain positive through the potential summer dip.

She reminds travelers that there are many other countries to consider travelling to. She says airfare to Europe is cheaper than last year, and Alaska cruises are starting to go on sale.

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Kosick says she is confident that once people see the cheaper prices, it will give customers an incentive to travel.