Voter turnout lower than 2005 Provincial Election

Voter turnout in the Peace Region has decreased from the 2005 Provincial election.

This year, 8,440 people are recorded to have voted in the North Peace, while 7,138 voted in the South. Compare that to last year where 9,321 people voted in the North Peace and 10,133 voted in the South Peace.

Voter turnout dropped dramtically from 2005.  In Peace River North, voter turnout was only 37 per cent compared to 47 per cent in 2005.  In Peace River South, voter turnout was 42 per cent compared to 56 per cent in 2005.

In the 2005 provincial election, the previous Independent candidate received 613 votes, coming in fourth with 6.62 per cent of the vote. However, this year, Independent newcomer Arthur Hadland received 32.06 per cent of the vote, coming in second with 2,706 votes.

In the end, Liberal Pat Pimm was the winner with 3,666 votes, or 43.44 per cent of the total vote. That compared to fellow Liberal Richard Neufeld, who received 5498 votes, around 59 per cent of the total vote in ’05.

Meanwhile, in the North Peace ’05 BC-STV referendum, 58.51 per cent of votes were for the new system, while 41.49 per cent were against. In the South Peace, 54.24 per cent were for the new system, and 45.76 wanted to keep the First Past the Post system.

The BC-STV was refused again during the latest provincial election. In the North Peace alone, around 61 per cent voted against the system, less than 39 per cent were in favor. Compare that to the South Peace, where around 66.61 per cent voted against the system, and around 33.39 per cent were in favor.

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