Obviously the final numbers aren’t in yet, but Environment Canada is already saying we have set local area temperature and snowfall records, for May 12th.

Prior to this morning, the agency records show the coldest temperature recorded on this day, since 1942, was -3.3 degrees set in 1943.  Unofficially however, the lowest temperature recorded this morning, has been -4.1.

In addition, the greatest amount of snowfall on this date, since 1942, was 1cm, recorded in 1968. However, as of 11 o’clock this morning, we had already recorded about 4 centimetres at the airport, in addition to the one that fell, prior to midnight.

It’s imporant to note, that the snowfall record does not translate, into a precipitation record.   The record amount of precipitation for this day, is 12.5 millimetres, set in 2006.  To date (and this includes what we received yesterday) we’ve recorded 7.6 millimetres from this spring storm.