The city decided on Monday night to put the naming of the Enerplex on the backburner, until more sponsors come forward.

The city issued a Request for Proposal, to associate a corporate name with the Enerplex facility with a deadline of April 24, 2009 for receipt of proposals.

In a report submitted to City Council, businesses sited economic factors as the main reason for not submitting a proposal.

Mayor Lantz said he didn’t like the idea of waiting for a year to name the Enerplex, because a business could submit a suitable proposal anytime during the year.

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In the end, Council decided to delay their decision on the one-year wait. Mayor Lantz said he will be in Calgary to pitch the naming idea to oil and gas companies.

In other Enerplex news, Director of Protective Services, Jim Rogers says construction is continuing. He says concrete will be poured in the oval on May 29th.

He also says the two hockey rinks will be poured at the end of June. He anticipates one NHL sized rink to be complete by the end of July, while the other will be completed near the beginning of August.

Rogers with an update…

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Meanwhile, talks are circulating around the grand opening of the Enerplex. Director of Community Services Sarah Cockerill says there is a possibility of a ‘soft’ and ‘grand’ opening.

She says the ‘soft’ opening will begin when the facility is complete and ready to use. She says the ‘soft’ opening is anticipated for early fall.

Cockerill says the city will use the time to offer tours for the community to see the facility, and to work out any glitches.

She says she anticipates the grand opening will be early in the New Year. This is when the facility will begin booking competitions.