Photo:  This is all that’s left of the Fort Hotel following the Fire Saturday night – Adam Reaburn/

Mayor Bruce Lantz says the Fort Hotel property still belongs to the previous owner, Michael Seo.

Lantz says that means all costs associated with the impromptu demolition will be forwarded to Michael Seo.

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The Fort Hotel burnt down on Saturday night, finally ending the demolition debate once and for all.

On April 23rd, The city purchased the property after deciding not to go through with a notice of remedial action. It was unclear at the time of the fire, however, who actually owned the building, and who was going to foot the demolition bill.

Lantz says the purchase agreement was still in process, so that means Mr. Seo still owns the property.

Meanwhile, the fire affected several businesses in the downtown area. Owner of Marc Joseph and Trends Clothing, Marc Beerling, says his store was forced to close as a result of smoke damage.

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Beerling says he is unsure when his business will be able to reopen.  City Furniture will remain open after the store’s basement was flooded with water. There was no smoke or fire damage to the building.