Peace Region receives $165,000 for conservation

The Peace Region will be receiving just over 165 thousand dollars for numerous fish and wildlife conservation efforts.

The funding is part of the five million dollar investment from The Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation.

A total of 85 thousand dollars will go towards the Peace River prescibed burns. This is year five of a five year burning program that will slow the loss of early seral plant communities in the Northeast.

Just over 33 thousand dollars will go towards a fisher study in the Peace River. The objective of this project is to conduct scientific research on fishers and to identify aspects of habitat ecology for sustainable forest management.

About 33 thousand dollars will be invested in the spawning channel at Inga Lake, educational programs for schools, winter aeration at Sundance Lake, weir maintenance at Stewart Lake, and fish way maintenance at Swan Lake.

Another 17 thousand dollars goes towards site habitat protection, such as fence repairs, weed control and signage, and implementation of management plans on conservation lands throughout the Peace Region.

Meanwhile, 15 thousand dollars will be invested in studying the status of sharp-tailed Grouse in the Peace Region. This project will continue to investigate the reproductive success and habitat use of sharp-tailed grouse populations occurring across the Peace River region. The project will promote stewardship with landowners, industry and the community.

Hunters and Anglers from BC contribute to the Trust Foundation when they buy their yearly license.

HCTF Board Chair Harvey Andrusak says BC’s anglers, hunters, guide-outfitters and trappers continue to be leaders not only by contributing to habitat restoration and biological diversity, but also by carrying out the projects necessary to maintain viable fish and wildlife populations.

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